What we have here is a full workout hiding inside a new challenge! So what is the challenge? One word – Plank.

In this challenge you will be doing 4 planks to failure – with a few other bits mixed in.

Why? To find out how well you deal with different kinds of fatigue… Try it this week and post your results, and we’ll revisit it next week with some more information into the science of the hows and whys behind it all…

The Challenge

Start with a good warm up, building the intensity slowly and including some dynamic stretches in there too.

Once you’re ready to start, complete the following, one after the other with no rest unless stated. We use powerbags for most of it, and a medicine ball when stated, but any objects that you can SAFELY use to create resistance is fine! You should be able to complete 10 reps with the bag/ball/resistance, but it should also be starting to get a bit difficult! Remember to keep your back straight during the plank, don’t cheat!

Plank to failure (record your time)

10 x 1/2 Burpees with bag (no press ups)

10 x Deadlifts with bag

10  x Shoulder Press with bag

10 x Squats with bag

10 x 1/2 Burpees (no press ups – as fast as you can)

Plank to failure (record your time)

1 minute rest

10 x shrugs with bag (each side, or do them at the same time if you have 2 bags/weights)

10 x Bicep Curl with bag (both hands on the bag)

10 x Side Bends with bag (each side)

Plank to failure (record your time)

1 minute rest

15 x medicine ball (or bag) twists

25 x V Crunch (Jacknife Crunch)

Press Ups to failure

Plank to failure (record your time)

Then enjoy a well earned rest & a warm down!

What were your 4 times? Which ones were easier? harder? 

Tell us in the comments!



As always, make sure you are up to the amount and intensity of physical activity in this (or any) workout before you try it –  if you haven’t been active for a while consider consulting a doctor to assess your readiness. As with all exercise there is a small risk of injury – often coming from poor form – so please be careful when completing the exercises as you assume all responsibility for the risk of injury arising from the exercises. Have fun, and go hard!