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Our best value training packages include testing every 8 - 12 weeks, because that's what gets the best results

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10% Discount for all Auckland Marathon packages!

We know the Auckland Marathon – we know the course, we know the atmosphere, we know the training, we know the bridge… and we know what it takes to beat it!

Whether you’re looking for a new personal best, or just to get around the course as a challenge to yourself or for one of the many deserving charities, we can help you to achieve your goals.

If you are running for a charity, we’ll even sponsor you the cost of a week’s training to get you started!


Our packages come with everything you need to get you set for the Devonport start line – personalised hydration & nutrition plans, pacing goals based around your actual ability (not just what you THINK you should be able to do!) so there will be no surprises or burnouts on the day!

More than just a number – we can help you plan how you are going to tackle the hilly/rolling first half of the course, complete with the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge crossing – that climb can ruin your race if you don’t do it properly!


All of Our Packages Include…

What you can expect  

  • Firstly, and most important – an increase in your performance as seen by a reduction in your race time or an increase in your level of play for sports.
  • Increased power, better endurance.
  • Increased knowledge of your different paces – meaning you know you’re at the right pace come race day.
  • Increased mental ability – better tactics, more knowledge of strategy.
  • Injury prevention from increased Strength, Conditioning and Flexibility.
How we do it 

  • A complete training and nutrition package – linking Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility and Nutrition plans in one place so there can be no conflict between them.
  • This is important for training but most of all for rest and recuperation.
  • Physiological Testing – to ensure the correct training intensities and to monitor performance/progress.
  • Fully periodised plans completely tailored to you, your competition schedule & life commitments.
  • Training for competition, and training for physiological and metabolic changes that will aid performance.

Make sure you see our Training Philosophy too…

Which Package Is Right For Me?

There are 2 main types of packages offered – Essential & then Pro/Elite.

  • Essential packages give you everything you need – you just have to do some of the legwork to keep costs to a minimum!

  • Pro & Elite packages are where we do everything for you, you just turn up and train!