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Hours a Day

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Our best value training packages include testing every 8 - 12 weeks, because that's what gets the best results

All of Our Packages Include…

What you can expect  

  • Firstly, and most important – an increase in your performance as seen by a reduction in your race time or an increase in your level of play for sports.
  • Increased power, better endurance.
  • Increased knowledge of your different paces – meaning you know you’re at the right pace come race day.
  • Increased mental ability – better tactics, more knowledge of strategy.
  • Injury prevention from increased Strength, Conditioning and Flexibility.

How we do it 

  • A complete training and nutrition package – linking Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility and Nutrition plans in one place so there can be no conflict between them.
  • This is important for training but most of all for rest and recuperation.
  • Physiological Testing – to ensure the correct training intensities and monitor performance.
  • Fully periodised plans completely tailored to you, your competition schedule & life commitments.
  • Training for competition, and training for physiological and metabolic changes that will aid performance.


Make sure you see our Training Philosophy too…


Which Package Is Right For Me?


There are 2 main types of packages offered – Essential & then Pro/Elite.


  • Essential packages give you everything you need – you just have to do some of the legwork to keep costs to a minimum!


  • Pro & Elite packages are where we do everything for you, you just turn up and train!