What will be in a typical physiological test battery? The short answer is we can’t tell you. Not because it’s a part of a ‘trade secret’ or you need to do an elaborate special handshake before we can tell you… but because each battery of tests is designed and developed especially for the individual, and will be different depending on personal situations including; the purpose of the testing, sport specificity, level,  and outcomes/results required.

At Competitive Edge Sport Science we have an extensive library of Physiological and Performance Tests, each with their own features and benefits, pros and cons. Before a test can make it into our library, it has to be a ‘Gold Standard Test’ – This means that its Accuracy, Validity and Reliability have all been well established by leading Sport Scientists and athletes around the globe.

Every test as a rule has its own strengths and weaknesses – it is our job to match the results from an athlete or team’s Needs Analysis with the appropriate tests to provide the best possible complete package.


Examples of what this can mean in the real world could be that sport specificity of some tests could be reduced in order to be able to compare the results with more widely performed tests with population and elite athlete data if required (See the Results section to see how we can do this).



of the variance of a player's total game time determined by physiological factors alone.