Tennis is an exciting sport being both explosive and requiring technical skill, which has made it one of the most popular sports in the world today.

Analysis of the top players has shown a consistent set of physiological characteristics required to excel in tennis, and the CE Sports Tennis Test Battery is made up to accurately test these characteristics. From this a world class strength and conditioning training plan can be hand crafted for each individual athlete. It draws on cutting edge research and guidelines from the ITT, Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and Tennis NZ to provide players and coaches with accurate information on a players strengths and weaknesses specific to Tennis.

From studying elite tennis players, we know that there is a unique set of physical characteristics that corralate highly with superior tennis performance, these are a combination of:

Speed, acceleration, strength & power, agility, flexibility and highly developed energy systems – in particular the Phospho-creatine (PCr) and Lactic systems.

Competitive Edge Sport Science’s Strength and Conditioning training plans are created to give the best results when used long term – starting before pre-season to enable the athlete to be in peak performance by the time the season starts. We will develop an athletes explosive power to give them a better, faster serve, while improving their leg speed and footwork/agility to ensure they are able to get around the court, all the time developing their energy systems specific to tennis, to ensure they’re still at the top of their game even in longer matches, when fatigue may be causing their opponent into mistakes and lost points.

When players of equal or similar skill levels meet, the player with the better physical characteristics has an advantage over the opponent – AIS