Just because we can’t leave NZ just yet, doesn’t mean that we can’t run some truly amazing events in 2022.

Read on to see what our runners think of some of the Marathons, Half Marathons, 10k & 5k events coming up in NZ this year.

We’re pretty lucky to have been so ‘normal’ here, and with things getting back to how they were as the year goes on. We believe that 2022 should be the year of giving back – which is why we encourage you to run your event for one of the many charities available – more so than that – we’ll even get you started with a $50 donation when you start your training with us (minimum 3 month plan).

*****Please note, due to the fluid nature of the COVID-19 pandemic some events may not be running this year – please check with the event organisers for more information on a particular event*****


We’ll start with one event that consistently came out on top for a number of runners as the best event in NZ – Queenstown. Even better, there are 2 of them this year due to last year’s being postponed!

Where? Queenstown, SI           When? 19th March 2022        What? 42.2k, 21.1k, 10k

Where? Queenstown, SI           When? 19th November 2022        What? 42.2k, 21.1k, 10k

This one wins the prize for most spectacular marathon in NZ from a lot of runners.

The scenario and views here are amazing, but you also get a great vibe from the supporting crowd. There are lots of aid stations with tons of choice too. These views do come with a price – a changing terrain over the course, and rolling hills – but the end where you run along by the Botanical Gardens towards the lakefront finish make everything all worthwhile. When describing the course, runners all seem to use the word ‘undulating’, and the estimate is that 80%+ is off-road, whether you are running along the side of a stream, river, or lake.

Some find the somewhat challenging course not their favourite, but did we mention it’s in Queenstown?? That makes up for any slight issues people may have had with the course, with the vibe and atmosphere more than making up for it as most of the runners who have completed it view it as one of the best events in NZ.

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Run The City.                          Take To The Streets.                      Conquer The Bridge.

Where? Auckland, NI             When? 30th October 2022          What? 42.2k, 21.1k, 11k, 5k

It’s our local marathon for a lot of us, and going over the bridge is an amazing experience – although it’s more of an incline than you think (some describe it as a killer!). In the early stages of the marathon, it’s a cool feeling to run around the city while everybody else is sleeping. Everyone agrees that it’s one of the best organised and marshaled events in NZ, and also has a great supporter turnout – which is needed for the out and back along Tamaki Drive – especially when you start to see other runners on their way back when you’re still heading out to the turnaround point, after the finish was teased many kms before!

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Wellington’s favourite footrace for three decades

Where? Wellington, NI            When? 19th June 2022          What? 42.2k, 21.1k, 10k


The capital marathon may be flat, but it’s not always fast! The Windy City often lives up to its name/reputation and the direction of the wind can play a big part here. Race plans are often torn up depending on if you’re running with a headwind or a tailwind (they never feel as strong as the headwinds though, do they!). Like the second half of Auckland, there are double backs here which some like, and others see as a distraction (Is that Jeff from accounts?? How did HE get so far ahead of me??). Finishing in the stadium is a highlight for most, along with the satisfaction of battling the winds (if present) and getting through the event distance.

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Where? Hawkes Bay, NI            When? 14th May 2022          What? 42.2k, 21.1k, 10k

“Out of all the marathons that I’ve run, I enjoyed the Hawke’s Bay most of all and it is still my favourite.”

– and this is beating New York, Berlin, Auckland & Queenstown!

A stunning setting and lots of music all the way round, with spectacular support. The course is flat so no hills to battle, with a mix of on-road/off-road which runs from point A to point B (no double-ups) which is always good for your motivation. It’s touted as having:

 “New Zealand’s best finish-line food & wine festival at Elephant Hill Estate & Winery.”

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Where? Rotorua, NI            When? 7th May 2022          What? 42.2k, 21.1k, 10k, 5.5k

“To me this is NZs most iconic marathon, our version of the Boston marathon, so everyone should give it a go at least once.

 This is another one with a challenging course, beautiful scenery and an amazing supporting crowd. Running around Lake Rotorua is something else!

“One of my favourites, especially with it being my PB course!

Not a fast one (bragging much, Mr this-is-my-PB-course!!), but all road and the people are awesome in Rotorua.”

 This year’s marathon will also double as the New Zealand Marathon championships. The best of the best from around the country will be competing to be New Zealand Champion.

Plus, their colour scheme matches ours!

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Have we missed out your favourite NZ event? Let us know!

We’ve only included events where we have at least 3 runners’ opinions, to make sure we get an accurate view of what they are like.