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Estimated Pin Pricks To Get Blood During Antiquated Testing


Pain During Testing

Now with the next generation of testing equipment, we make it easier and at last painless to get all the Blood Lactate data you need – without taking even a single drop of blood! This means it can be done in more places, more quickly, and at a better price!

Blood Lactate testing is THE gold standard test for assessing endurance athletic capabilities and training status. It is used by elite athletes around the world in the top flight of Triathlon, running, cycling and is used in the testing of team sports like Football/Soccer, Rugby (Union & League), Netball and other High Intensity Intermittent Exercise-based disciplines.

It is used to assess training status, prescribe fully tailored training schedules & intensities, test training sessions/games and to spot & neutralise overtraining BEFORE it affects an athlete’s performances.

The testing sessions themselves are the result of countless hours of research & attention to detail to ensure the accuracy, validity & reliability of the test results are second to none – including a number of New Zealand firsts in the development & application of the Bloodless Lactate Testing. This is done to give the athlete the complete package and ensure that the results & training schedules obtained from the testing give the best possible outcome – Better training leading to better performances leading to bigger things for the athlete.

Our Bloodless Lactate testing comes in at a lower price than regular Blood Lactate testing, and is safer, quicker & less painful!

It costs just $220 per session, or $160 for a confirmation test. Take a look at our packages as many of them contain Bloodless Lactate testing included in the weekly price!