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Take yourself to the next level – with Competitive Edge Sport Science Ltd.


We are proud to offer a range of cutting edge services normally only afforded to elite athletes, ranging from basic ‘do it yourself’ training programs, through professional blood lactate, physiological & performance testing right the way to top level, bespoke testing and training packages.


Why choose Competitive Edge? The answer is simple. To win. We offer a complete solution encompassing testing, training & nutrition all in one place – so everything is in sync and working together to make a better athlete.


Our Testing – Why do we test? Because the best training revolves around your current abilities, and there is only one way to accurately and reliably find out what they are – to test. Different phases of your training require different exercises, and different intensities, and with Competitive Edge you can be sure that you are doing the correct strength and conditioning training at the correct time.


Our Training – We all know why we train, but why do we train the Competitive Edge way? Because we know that we are responsible for – come competition time – ensuring that the athlete gets the required mix of strength, power, speed & agility (as each sport and position dictates), while keeping on top of training and competition nutrition and the all important aspects of rest and recuperation. Our expert analysis of your competition ensures that training is focussed on the energy systems required in your sport – so an athlete is fine tuned to be at peak performance for their sport, not just general fitness. We combine proven, evidence based scientific research with real world knowledge. We know that there is no ‘perfect program’ that will give everybody the best results – despite what Men’s Health or ‘that guy’ down the gym may tell you – but the is a perfect program for an individual athlete, at a specific point in time. It’s our job to make sure that our testing, programming and monitoring ensure that this is what the athlete is receiving, 100% of the time.


Our Nutrition – All of our plans offer complete nutritional analysis out of the box. An athlete can log, analyse and adjust their diet to make sure they are getting the most out of their training – if they’re short on something, then we even give them snack and meal advice on how this can be rectified. Our top level plans also include training and competition nutrition plans specific to your sport, and individualised plans can be arranged.


Our Promise – You will become a better athlete. Whether it is through increased strength, power, speed and agility, or simply a reduction in your race time, we will create realistic and meaningful goals for each athlete, and we will make sure that they reach them. We’re so confident in our ability to get the best out of your athletes, and our testing and training methods, that if they don’t work, your next testing and/or training will be free, making sure that you reach yourfull potential.


Take a look at our online strength & conditioning packages, which when combined with our tailored testing solutions will give you, and your athletes, the competitive edge.