Triathlons require an athlete to perform at their best in three distinct disciplines, making training and planning an increasingly difficult but important task.

You’re faced with a number of troublesome questions, and we often find that one or two of the disciplines are favoured, leaving the worst performing one out in the cold – further limiting performance.

To get the most out of our Triathlete strength & conditioning programs we recommend athletes complete one of our Triathlon Testing Packages to correctly assess the athletes unique training loads and intensities.

What you can expect

Firstly, and most important – an increase in your performance as seen by a reduction in your race time.
Increased power, better endurance.
Increased knowledge of your different paces – meaning you know you’re at the right pace come race day.
Injury prevention from increased Strength, Conditioning and Flexibility.
How we do it

A complete training and nutrition package – linking Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility and Nutrition plans in one place so there can be no conflict between them.
This is important for training but most of all for rest and recovery.
Physiological Testing – to ensure the correct training intensities and monitor performance.
Fully periodised plans tailored to you and your competition schedule.
4 week training blocks to ensure you always have the correct training.
Training for competition, and training for Physiological and Metabolical changes that will aid performance.
Training sessions assigned to specific days or a set number of times per week for you to record the actual days performed.