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Better Than Bootcamp

We take all the good aspects of a regular Bootcamp, and beef them up with top level Sport Science know-how and equipment, so you get the best of both worlds!

All our packages come with a FREE online account and iOS/Android app complete with ‘extra credit’ training sessions and a private members only Facebook group to ensure we’re with you every step of the way, not just a few hours a week.


No Tyres, or Exercises Just There To Make You Feel Like You've Worked Hard


Specialist Equipment & Training Techniques

Every aspect of your training is meticulously planned – every exercise, set, and number of reps has a reason behind it – if you want to know why we’re doing something, just ask!

No randomly picked ‘workout of the day’. Each session is carefully planned to build on the last one and prepare you for the next. This is called periodisation and is utilised by everyone from pro football, rugby, league and tennis players (to name just a few), runners and anyone who cares about their performance.

This constant evolution of your training means that you’ll never get bored, while getting the best training to help you achieve your goals. Once you achieve them, we’ll help you to celebrate by giving you a reward! This could be anything from a free 1-on-1 session, pre/post workout nutrition, or elite level performance test, to name just a few things!

Why do we do this? Because this is what works. It’s what gets the best results – for elite athletes, for marathon runners, for weekend warriors and for you! Doing anything else is just wasting your time – and I don’t know about you, but my time is too precious to be wasted!

I used to exercise by myself: running and free-weights.  I had no idea if I was improving and even running apps that had some quantifiable stats weren’t really motivating.  It’s no surprise to me that I enjoy training with other people more than I enjoyed training by myself.  The variety of the programs helps keep my interest and the regular testing is cool to track without getting obsessed with statistics.  I’m fitter and I’m having fun!  Thanks Ian


Karl G.

Client, Better Than Bootcamp

I started Better Than Bootcamp a couple of weeks ago as a novice – but after 7 days I find I can run for longer, and feel to have more energy and stamina!


Pat K.

Client, Better Than Bootcamp

Before I started I could not squat down and had to get help from my family to get up out of my chair, but now I can squat more and get myself up – even from the floor! I like that the training is challenging but I can always do it – and it is varied so you do not get bored doing the same things all the time.

Vaelua L.

Client, Better Than Bootcamp

I started from a very modest activity level (think couch potato!), and while it was hard at first I was always able to complete the session – if I was ever finding it too tough Ian was able to see this and modify my exercises so I could complete the training. I find I can now do more things with my family and children, which both them and I are very much thankful for!


Megan R.

Client, Better Than Bootcamp

Are you a runner, cyclist or triathlete? Often these athletes spend a lot of their training running or cycling, but do not do enough resistance work. Now you can supercharge your training with combined Better Than Bootcamp sessions and your running/cycling/triathlon training! Our most popular plans also include Bloodless Lactate Testing & Functional Movement Screening in their weekly rate!

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Packages and Pricing

All packages are a minimum 8 week term and include all testing costs, Sweat & Go does not have any testing associated with it. Prices are for Monday/Wednesday/Friday 6am sessions (Tuesday & Thursday 7-7:45pm package prices are $10 per week cheaper for the 2x evening sesisons, Sweat & Go pricing remains the same).

Better Than Bootcamp